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The Academy On Demand helps players through innovative training and drills that have been proven and tested by 1000's of players internationally.


Why train with Coach Ben?

First and foremost, Coach Ben is not the typical "online soccer guru" you see on the internet these days...

Since 2009, Ben has privately worked with and trained over 5,000 players in his "in-person" training academy which is the most sought after training program in the United States. 

He has over 15 years of coaching experience under his belt and has trained players from every age and level imaginable. 

In 2014, Ben and his brother Steve wanted to make a bigger impact on players worldwide! They launched Online Soccer Skills which has helped  over 3 million players, parents and coaches from 170 countries worldwide. 

Who Is Our Training For?

Players: To help you build every aspect of your game throughout your soccer career. The training is designed for beginners or competitive players (boys and girls) that range from 7-22 years old. 

Parents: A step by step framework to develop your child’s technical game. No more guess-work...now you can just simply press the play button and have a structured training program "at home" for your child at your fingertips.  

Coaches: All individual training programs can be easily adapted for full team training. Ben will also communicate with you 1-on-1 to help you better plan your coaching sessions.

Our Vision

After observing over 10,000 hours of youth training and games...Ben realized that most Youth Soccer players fall into 2 categories:

1) Players aren't training on their own away from "scheduled practices". Our goal is to educate players about self-responsibility.  Our step by step programs solve this problem that is plaguing players internationally. 

2) Players want to get better, but they are confused about "how to actually get better." Our philosophy is to simplify the game of soccer and only teach players what works in the games. We do this through our proven training and coaching methods that will allow you to see progress on a daily basis. 

Our vision is to help 100 million soccer players worldwide become the best versions of themselves!

What is Academy On Demand?

Academy on Demand is your 1-stop-shop for soccer training and personal development. Think Netflix for Soccer.

When you login to your account, you will receive immediate access to all of Ben's complete soccer training programs, 100's of professional HD videos and priority 1-on-1 coaching with Coach Ben.

No matter if you are a complete beginner or an advanced player...our in-depth training programs will push you to the next level.

Members will receive BRAND NEW content inside the private membership area for FREE every month! No need to purchase the new programs we create...they will be automatically added to your membership account when we publish them!

The Academy on Demand is a growing community of Players, Parents and Coaches who have used our programs with tremendous success.


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